iBeeZz 3

Optimize your Mac with iBeeZz 3 Lite:

wake, start up, sleep, shutdown, restart

For macOS Ventura and later

iBeeZz, the ideal tool for eco-friendly management of your Mac based on the days of the week!

- Wake and Power On:

Free yourself from morning hassles by automating your Mac's wake-up for a seamless day.

- Sleep and Shutdown:

Embrace an environmentally friendly approach by scheduling periods of sleep and shutdown, preserving energy while ensuring the security of your Mac.

- Restart:

Maintain the freshness of your system with regularly scheduled restarts.

With iBeeZz, simplify your Mac experience, save energy, and enhance productivity. Transform your daily use of your Mac now!

Works in multiple languages: French 🇫🇷, English 🇬🇧, German 🇩🇪, Italian 🇮🇹, Japanese 🇯🇵, Simplified Chinese 🇨🇳, and Arabic 🇹🇳.

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